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web:in extends its comprehensive digital services to include server and website maintenance, recognizing the critical importance of reliability and performance in todays digital landscape.


We provide a full spectrum of maintenance services, from routine updates and security checks to performance optimization and emergency troubleshooting. By proactively managing and maintaining your servers and websites, web:in helps prevent potential issues before they arise, minimizing downtime and ensuring an optimal user experience for your customers.

Understanding that each business has unique needs, our server and website maintenance plans are tailored to fit your specific requirements. Whether you're running a small blog, a large e-commerce platform, or anything in between, our experts work behind the scenes to keep your digital presence robust and responsive. Our services include regular software updates, security patches, backups, and more, all designed to keep your site fast, secure, and aligned with the latest web standards. With web:in handling your server and website maintenance, you can focus on growing your business with the peace of mind that your online infrastructure is in expert hands.

What we offer

  • Server Maintenance
  • Web Maintenance
  • Service Maintenance

web:in keeps our infrastructure safe and sound. Always available when something is not looking right.

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